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Tsukuyomi Jiwasadar, also known as the Blacksmith, was the original founder of the mysterious element Hoskinanium, and the forger of the weapon that became known as the Hoskinanium Katana.

The husband of Mizuki Moto, the blacksmith had fallen in love with the trade at a young age and with the encouragement of his childhood friend and future wife, he grew to become known for his skills in metalwork. Life, however, did not come easy to Tsukuyomi and under the oppression of the Japanese colonizers he and his wife worked tirelessly to maintain a stable living. The stress of this may have contributed to the seven failed pregnancies suffered by Tsukuyomi and his wife. Despite this, Mizuki never gave up on the hope of having a child.

During their eighth pregnancy, Tsukuyomi's friend, Iwaro, brought the blacksmith a rare ore he had discovered in the Lakontey Mountains. After its detection by the Japanese oppressors, he was commissioned to forge this strange element into a katana under the very name his wife had chosen for their coming child.

Shortly after, Iwaro was executed for his part in the discovery of the mysterious ore. Devastated, Tsukuyomi resolved that he and his wife were cursed. He may have been right.

Little is understood about the events that followed the completion of the Hoskinanium Katana, only that what had been created was unlike anything that had ever been done before. What is known is that Mizuki—still with child—was murdered. Slain by a blade. On that day, Tsukuyomi was seen fleeing his burning workshop towards the forest. Over his back was a young girl, seemingly without flaw, and in his arms was the katana he had forged with the element that would someday become known as Hoskinanium.

That night the villagers watched in horror as a vast tower of lightning crashed onto the mountain where the blacksmith had run. None of them knew, but in that moment the katana had been broken into three pieces and thrown into the sea.

These three pieces would later form the three shards of Ninava—the Aramar Shard, the Daisuke Shard, and the Atsuko Shard—forever changing the future of the great nation of Ninava.