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Orin Aramar served as Honorable Left for several years before his father, Aval Aramar, was slain by the Betrayer during the Black Clan War. Before his death, Aval tricked Orin and sent him away with a trusted man who held the Aramar Shard hidden inside the sheath of a katana. Only after they were far from the city did Aval's man reveal to Orin his father's plan to protect the Shard.

During his exile, Orin built a rebellion and secretly distributed weaponry and advanced machinery to the imprisoned citizens of the nation for nearly two years. When Orin's preparations were finally complete, he waited for the Betrayer to return to the Aramar capital, and then he sent a message to his people to enact their liberation. Thus began the "Day of Long Death."

At the end of the battle—the Betrayer's army defeated—Orin Aramar held his blade to Satō Seiza's neck and struck, but was deflected by Manaiah Hahona who spoke the famous words, "There has been enough blood spilt in Ninava. Let mine be the last."

After the Betrayer's imprisonment (ADA NinjaZ community vote), Orin became the Honorable Right of the Aramar Clan and ruled for many years as a wise and generous leader.