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The nation of Ninava lies far to the east. The country's shape resembles that of a crescent moon whose northern tip reaches from the Southeast of Japan down to the southern tip near Manila.

This great nation is home to vast imports, technological advances, and has become an influential power in the global economic realm. The nation has been a colony of the Japanese, Spanish and English throughout its history, but today calls itself free.

Home to the Shards of the Hoskinanium Katana, these three pieces of the famous blade formed from the mysterious element of Hoskinanium each birthed a centuries old fellowship of individuals that call themselves Clans. The three Clans of Ninava—the Aramar, the Daisuke, and the Atsuko—have played an integral role in the formation and survival of the nation of Ninava. Some historians have even posited that without the work of these clans, the country may never have fallen back into native rule.

No stranger to war, whether against foreign nations or through the internal wars of the clans, Ninava has grown into a resilient and independent land. The struggles of our past now help us to shape our future.