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Manaia Hahona inherited the title of Worshipful Doyenne at the end of the Second World War when she discovered the body of her master, Anahera Ataahua, at the foot of the Baodadhi Tree, becoming the new leader of the Daisuke according to the tradition of "The Ensoulment".

A wise woman with a connection to the deep ways of the earth, Manaia's hope at the end of the war was only to provide healing to the land and her clan. This hope, however, was thwarted by the vile plans of the Betrayer, a tyrannical madman who coerced an army of Atsuko to strike at the other clans when the nation was weakest. The tragic two years that followed are known as the Black Clan War.

After capturing the capital city of the Aramar and murdering its leader, Aval Aramar, Satō Seiza struck forward in search of the Daisuke Clan in order to get a hold of the Aramar Shard. Manaia Hahona was able to sense the evil intent of the Betrayer and called her people into hiding.

For two years the Atsuko army fought and searched for the shards, but to no avail. Satō's army grew strained, many abandoning their positions to escape the mad war.

On the Day of Long Death, Orin Aramar initiated a trap and Manaia Hahona rallied her clansmen to aid in bringing an end to the mad man's reign.

At the end of the battle, Orin Aramar held his blade to Satō Seiza's neck and struck, but was deflected by Manaia Hahona who spoke the famous words, "There has been enough blood spilt in Ninava. Let mine be the last."

Because of the Worshipful Doyenne's mercy, Satō Seiza was able to live out the rest of his life in imprisonment.

Manaia Hahona lives still, her long life attributed to her bond with the earth, guiding and governing the people of her clan along with any who call on her for help.