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Hoskinanium is a rare metal-like material that produces the supernatural effects apparent in the Aramar Shard, Daisuke Shard, and Atsuko Shard. Originally discovered by Tsukuyomi Jiwasadar, the mysterious element was lost in time until the Shards were discovered by the founder of each clan. However, no record has ever connected the Shards to the original mythical blade knows as the "Hoskinanium Katana", or the metal-like material to its beginnings.

In 1919 a scientist by the name of Dr. Carlos J. Hoskins researched these strange properties in greater detail. After years of enquiring at the Aramar headquarters for a chance to study their Shard, he was given the opportunity in early 1919 and, under strict supervision from some of the Clans highest ranked officials, he had discovered that this strange blue shining metal-like material was extremely endothermic with no measurable enthalpy, a superconductor at room temperature and even high temperatures.

It was found that an item does not need to be constructed of hoskinanium in order to gain its attributes, but rather needs only to come in contact with a source of hoskinanium. This has allowed for the production of various "imbued" items amongst the three clans.

It is also believed that the existence of the Spirit Guardians are only possible because of the connection between an owner and his or her hoskinanium-imbued item.