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On this page are all the ADA Ninjaz's community created fan lore, where you get to discuss and contribute to the Official ADA Ninjaz Lore with your clan members.

Twin Cities Competition

Twin Cities by Kate Kazula

The first competition ran on the Official ADA Ninjaz Discord from 12/01/2022 to 13/01/2022. It was clan based, where the winning clan and its contributors were able to see their imagination come to life in the Twin Cities Concept Art.


Kemenangan and Kemuliaan used to be one city. They were the center of what was once the desert region of Baratimur.

Now, split in two, each half of the once sprawling metropolis is the capital of its own region; Kemenangan of Barat and Kemuliaan of Timur. The cities live in constant antagonism…


With your clan, come up with:

  • A short description of both cities:
    • What’s the landmark that makes them stand out individually? What made them stand out as one? (Twin towers? Bridges? Coliseums?)
    • What physical or geographic aspect in this desert region separates both cities? (A huge oasis/lake? A small dessert? A canyon?)
    • How do the cities and architecture look and how are they organized in districts?
  • A brief history of the two cities:
    • When/why were they founded in this desert so far from land?
    • Why did they split? Keep in mind: The cities and regions vastly predate the Clans and their Hoskinanium Shards, so no mention of these is necessary for the creation of the region’s past.

Winning Entry

From the Aramar Clan, with top contributors BadgerSalesman (mattypt#9124) and META G DonsCoyote-Ninjaz (META G DonsCoyote-Ninjaz#1889)

"They constructed a dam with a split to bifurcate the river and feed both sides of the city. In its prime, the city was called “The City of the Mirage”, not only because of its beauty and surreal nature amidst the desert landscape, but because the buildings of each side of the river were mirrors of each other reflecting both diversity and unity at the same time.

Unfortunately, during the rule of an evil greedy king. The king, who resided on the now Kemuliaan proper, decided he wanted his palace to be more extravagant to truly impress visitors from afar. He issued a decree to reroute the water on Kemuliaan's side to turn his palace into an oasis resort. In doing so, he gradually siphoned the water from (now Kemenangan), starving its people and causing dissent amongst a once united people.

The people of Kemenangan donned the insignia of the tortoise, for the tortoise stores its precious water preserves and can live through the harsh desert conditions for a year if it needs to. Their people were tired and weak and did not stand a chance against the Kemuliaan guard, so they reverted to forbidden dark magic and cursed the river.

The tainted river choked out the King and his subjects causing desperation in the ranks. The people of pleaded with those of Kemenangan to restore the river, so they restored the equality of the river and raised statues and structures dedicated to their evil king. The damage was done, and now bitter citizens of now two cities had to temporarily abandon their city and pilgrimage to the shamans of Daisuke to cure the curse they had bestowed upon their river.

The insignia of the camel was given to the people of Kemuliaan for its excessive thirst much like the kings excessive thirst for more. The river has since been cured and now each split features the insignia of each respective city, but the damage caused by the evil king resonates between each people."