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Known as "The Man Who Sold Ninava", Eas the Drunk was an insignificant man of significant greed who stumbled upon Asahi Aramar's discovery of the first Shard of the mythical Hoskinanium Katana - which would later be named the “Aramar Shard” - and pedaled the information to whomever he thought might pay for it.

The man who finally did was Captain Elcano of the Spanish military. Captain Juan Sebastion Elcano V utilized the strange tale told by Eas the Drunk in order to convince King Philip IV of Spain to pursue invading the nation of Ninava.

Never truly believing Eas' words, Elcano knew his King could be convinced to explore the possibility of the magic's existence, allowing him to claim the lands of the Ninavian people through military might.

After the Captain's army had taken the capital in 1670 AD, he and his men pursued the Ninavians with the instruction of Eas the Drunk, but never discovered their location.

Despite being given a last chance of repentance, Eas once more betrayed his people by trying to reveal their hidden location behind the Spirit Guardian Jivashastra's holographic barrier. Believing the words to be nothing more than desperate rambling, Captain Elcano struck the head from Eas the Drunk's body.