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Districts & Duels is a periodic event hosted by the ADA Ninjaz writing team that takes place on the Discord server of ADA NinjaZ. During these events, all three clans battle one another and attempt to come out victorious.

It has and will continue to evolve in form and experience as we develop new systems and interactive ways to play.

Those who win each event receive the opportunity for real-world prizes, while those who lose take heavy hits to the total number of Ninjas in their clan. With time, the impact to story as well as prizes will increase as the number of remaining clansmen falls lower and lower.

Who will win the ultimate prize?

To participate in a Districts & Duels event, join our discord and #pick-a-clan. Once your clan is chosen, you can check for the next event and enter your clan's story channel to join your clansmen in battle by discussing the best strategy to choose in order to defeat your enemies!

For the clan!