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Splintered into nomadic groups of varying technological savvy, the Daisuke are the helpers and saviours of the land. Without any real internal structure, they follow an age-old tradition of “whoever stands next to the Prime Shaman when she or he falls is the one to take his place”. This tradition is named “The Ensoulment”.

Their goals revolve around nature and its nurture, and with the possession of the Daisuke Shard, they are able to manipulate these forces for their own purposes. Flora and fauna being their only true care, they shun larger modern society in all its ways.

Religious protection groups have lobbied and demonstrated against the repression and control of the Daisuke and their unchecked travel around Ninava, allowing them free rein to travel and settle where they see most need for their shamanistic ways.

Notable Daisuke Clansmen