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The Clans of Ninava consist of the Aramar Clan, the Daisuke Clan, and the Atsuko Clan.


Named after their founder, Asahi Aramar, the Aramar Clan are the self-appointed protectors of Ninava. Order, stability and protection are their main focus. The escalating conflicts with the Atsuko Clan are their main source of worry.

Aptly nicknamed “The Guardians”, they have the wellbeing of Ninava as a whole at heart. Taught to be noble and loyal to their cause, their highest focus is the protection of Asahi, the Ninavian capital city.

Their proficiency and expertise in cutting edge science and technology has made them a powerhouse in the worldwide market, putting Ninava on the forefront of international economic powers… and them on the cusp of full political power. Whether they try to reach for it, only time will tell.


Splintered into nomadic groups of varying technological savvy, the Daisuke are the helpers and saviours of the land. Without any real internal structure, they follow an age-old tradition of “whoever stands next to the Prime Shaman when he falls is the one to take his place”.

Their goals revolve around nature and its nurture. Flora and fauna being their only true care, they shun larger modern society in all its ways.

Religious protection groups have lobbied and demonstrated against the repression and control of the Daisuke and their unchecked travel around Ninava, allowing them free rein to travel and settle where they see most need for their shamanistic ways.


Branded as outlaws by the Ninavian government on behalf of the Aramar Clan, the Atsuko scatter in the shadows and into the night.

Called everything from Mafia to simple street thugs, the Atsuko are as secretive as they are dangerous.

Rumors speak of their dabbling into the dark arts, black magic, voodoo… even necromancy and communication with the dead.

Although most brush it off as simple tales to scare children, no-one really knows what the true underbelly of this clan holds.