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The Black Clan War is a tragic period in the history of Ninava. Directly after the Second World War, it began with the delusional ambitions of the man now referred to as the Betrayer: Satō Seiza.

Satō Seiza was the only Atsuko Leader out of three who survived the Second World War. In the absence of the fallen leaders, two more Atsuko were raised: Heran Otsul and Akari Nakano. However, because of their rejection of Satō's proposal of a unifying war against the other clans, the Betrayer murdered both of them. He then continued to rally and extort those of his clan into war against the Aramar and Daisuke; his true goal to gain the Shards of both clans and force a unification to prepare for a terrible future vision that only he could see.

Initially striking the Aramar Clan, he was able to capture the city, but was outmaneuvered by the Honorable Right. Aval Aramar had sent the Shard of Aramar outside of the city with his son, Orin Aramar.

After the battle at the Aramar City, the Betrayer sought out the Daisuke Clan, intending to gain hold of the Daisuke Shard, but was once again thwarted by the wisdom of its leader, Manaia Hahona. The Prime Shaman hid her people in forests around Ninava so that Satō Seiza and his forces could not find them.

For two years the Atsuko army fought and searched for the shards, but to no avail. His army grew strained, many abandoning their positions to escape the mad war.

On the Day of Long Death, Orin Aramar initiated a trap and with the allied forces of the Aramar and Daisuke, defeated Satō Seiza's frayed army, bringing an end to his reign. At the end of the battle, Orin Aramar held his blade to Satō Seiza's neck and struck, but was deflected by Manaia Hahona who spoke the famous words, "There has been enough blood spilt in Ninava. Let mine be the last." Because of Manaia's mercy, Satō Seiza was able to live out the rest of his life in imprisonment.

The army of the Atsuko was given a partial pardon for their horrendous acts. The nation of Ninava was broken and wounded. Only in peace were they able to rebuild.

And rebuild they did.