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Aval Aramar was a past Aramar Clan leader.

Aval Aramar was the Honorable Right for three decades, including the time of the Black Clan War. His son, Orin Aramar, served as Honorable Left for several years before Aval's death. When the Betrayer began his assault on the Aramar Clan, Aval spurred his people to defend their home.

After recognizing the coming defeat, in an act of daring sacrifice, Aval tricked his son and sent him away with a trusted man who held the Aramar Shard hidden in a simple katana sheath. Only after they were far from the city did Aval's man reveal to Orin his father's plan to protect the Shard.

Upon discovering what Aval had done, the Betrayer slew the Honorable Right. Aval Aramar died valiantly, securing the future of the Aramar Clan because of his cunning and devotion to his people.