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The Aramar Shard (or Shard of Aramar) is the source of the power for the Aramar Clan. It was discovered on October 23rd 1641 A.D. by then Prince Asahi Aramar—next in line to become the Emperor of Ninava—while breaking ground on the new capital of Ninava. It’s origins unknown to the world, the secret of the Blacksmith’s creation and destruction of the Hoskinanium Katana have remained secret to this day. The Aramar Shard comprises the haft of the Blacksmith's Hoskinanium Katana.

This piece of the shard is imbued with mysterious powers that allows the Aramar to deeply understand intricacies and connections with technology to a supernatural degree, as well as manipulate perception and summon Spirit Guardians to their beck and call, amongst other powers specific to the individual wielders of Hoskinanium imbued items.

The Aramar Shard is the only one of the three to have ever been studied in detail to ascertain its composition and build. It wasn’t until the 1920’s that the veins of strange material running along the katana were found to have room-temperature superconductive properties. The mythical Katana was later named the “Hoskinanium Katana” after the scientist that first discovered the unique properties of the material woven into the weapon.

Thanks to this specific Shard’s mysterious attributes, the Aramar have produced technological marvels that have revolutionized all of Ninava and the world, placing Ninava at the forefront of the international tech industry.