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Anahera Ataahua was a past Daisuke leader.

During the Second World War, the leader of the Daisuke was a virtuous woman by the name of Anahera Ataahua. Beloved by her people, she led those who were willing into the battlefield of Sar. Her people served as medics not only for all Ninavans - no matter their clan affiliation - but also for the fallen enemies. Her reverence of all life as sacred had always been one of her most prominent attributes and helped save many lives during the war.

Overwhelmed by the insurmountable conflict that engulfed her nation and the world, Anahera left on a short pilgrimage to the Lakontey Mountains to pray at the foot of the Baodadhi Tree. At the base of this tree she meditated in solitude and prayed day and night to influence the battle below, seeking always to rescue rather than wound. As the days passed her guardians became concerned for her wellbeing, not having been summoned for food or water during the entirety of her meditation. When finally they decided to call on Manaia Hahona, her protégé, to interrupt the leader’s meditation and check on her health, all she found was her mutilated remains. To this day, an explanation to her death has not yet been found. The clans and respective authorities have deemed it an animal attack, though many voice their concerns at the rarity of animals ever being aggressive to any of the nature-conscious Daisuke members, let alone attack, mutilate and not consume.

It is said that when Manaia Hahona found her master that day, her cries could be heard throughout all of Sar. This is why the Daisuke have a special day named the "Morning of Mourning." Following the tradition of the Daisuke known as The Ensoulment, Manaia Hahona became the Prime Shaman that day.